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August 4, 2020 | COVID-19 Update

August 4, 2020 | COVID-19 Update

Posted by Throne Factory on Aug 4th 2020

This is our August 4, 2020 update.

Throne Factory believes that there is substantial doubt that it will continue to operate as a going concern. Throne Factory, and its principal, are committed to acting equitably and making thoughtful decisions regarding customers and vendors as we strive to resume operations or determine we are unable to remain a going concern.

Throne Factory has paused all fulfillment operations due to the travel advisory affecting our New Jersey hub. For more information on the travel advisory affecting deliveries commencing from and terminating at our New Jersey hub, visit Throne Factory remains committed to fulfilling all past-due and pre-orders on or before February 23, 2021. In considerations of our fulfillment commitment, Throne Factory is currently exploring regional fulfillment partnerships where we ship outstanding orders on a container or FTL basis to our regional partner, who, in turn, delivers the product, materially benefiting from our covenant not to compete and customer list for the specified region. Anyone interested in such a partnership, which would also require wholesale supply agreement, may email their requested region, fulfillment experience, and related inquiries to

Despite our expenditure reductions, strategic partnerships, sublets, and liquidation of anticipation inventory and canceled or disputed orders to recoup the cash-burn directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to experience an inequitable number of customers who are disputing their orders with their banks and credit card companies, further siphoning cash necessary to resume operations.

Pre-orders are not eligible for a refund, and we ask that customers who have obligated themselves to a pre-order to allow us to thoughtfully utilize our limited funds to fulfill orders in the most organized, efficient, and economical manner possible.

The next update will be September 8, 2020.